DAY 1 Tel Aviv - Bethlehem
Arrival to Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv Airport). Meet & Assist by the tour guide and the bus driver. Transfer to a hotel in Bethlehem.

DAY 2 Jerusalem - Bethlehem
After breakfast .we'll visit Mount Of Olives holy sites starting with the Ascension Chapel where Jesus ascended to heaven, Pater Noster Church where Jesus taught his disciples the "OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN" Prayer. We'll walk down towards the panoramic view of the Holy City and then we'll start walking into the "Palm Sunday Route". In our way, we'll visit two churches the "Dominus Flevit" church where Jesus wept over Jerusalem and the beautiful Russian Orthodox church of "Mary Magdalene". Arriving at Gethsemane Garden and church where Jesus Agony happened. After that, we'll visit the cave of the disciples and the tomb of Mother "Mary" and her parents and also St. Joseph. Meeting the bus and drive to Bethlehem to visit the Nativity church (the birthplace of Jesus), the Milk Grotto church and the Shepherds Field. Back to the hotel in Bethlehem.

DAY 3 Jerusalem
After breakfast, we'll walk the via Dolorosa (the way of the grieve of Jesus). We are going to enter the Lions Gate. We are going to see in our way the birthplace of Mother Mary and also the pools of Bethesda where Jesus met the paralytic man who was waiting for 38 years for a miracle. The last 5 stations in the via Dolorosa will be inside the compound of the Holy Sepulchre church. Exactly on the 9th station, the Coptic church/monastery of "Anba Antonios" is located there. Arriving at the Holy Sepulchre church and will be visiting the Golgotha and the tomb of Jesus and other things. Continue walking to the Christian Quarter & the Armenian Quarter heading to the Syriac Orthodox church believed to be the place of the upper room according to the Orthodox faith. The church also displays a painting on the leather of Mary and Jesus. It is said to have been painted by St Luke. Continue walking down towards the Cardo the Roman road. Arriving at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) the last remnant from the temple mount era. It is a sacred place for the Jews. Meeting with our bus driver and drive to the "St. Peter Ingallicantu" church where is the location of Caipha's house and where Peter denied Jesus. Visiting the tomb of King David on Mount Zion and the last supper room (the cenacle) and the Dormition church of Mary. Back to the hotel.

DAY 4 Jericho - Jerusalem
Drive to Jericho the oldest city in the world. In our way, we'll stop in Bethany to visit the tomb of Lazarus and the house where he and his sisters used to live. In Jericho, We'll visit the Orthodox church which is built on Mt Quarantal commemorating the temptation. We'll ascend by a cable car and then walk up the stairs to reach the church. In Jericho, Jesus met Zacchaeus the tax collector who was a short man and climbed up the Sycamore tree to see Jesus. We are going to visit the remains of the house of Zacchaeus and we'll see the Sycamore tree. In the Jericho area, Jesus healed the blind man Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46). Later on, we will continue to the real site of Baptism where Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist (Qasr El- Yahood). We'll stop by the ancient Monastery of St. Gerasimos who used to live there with other Hermits during the Byzantine period. Later on, we'll continue On our way to Jerusalem we'll stop by "Wadi Qelt" area to visit St. George monastery (panoramic view from above) which is built in the "Valley Of Shadows" which is mentioned in the book of Psalms. In this site, Elijah the prophet was fed by Ravens. Back to the hotel in Bethlehem.

DAY 5 Jerusalem - Lod - Ein Karem - Bethlehem
Today we are going to participate in the holy mass of the local Syrian Orthodox church in Jerusalem. After that, we'll visit the tomb of St George who is buried inside a church in Lod city. Later on, we will be going to visit Jaffa of Tel Aviv. Jaffa in the Bible is mentioned as Joppa. From Joppa, Jonah sailed to Tarshish. In Joppa, St Peter had the vision and in Joppa Peter resurrected the Dorcas (Tabitha). On our way back we are going to visit Ein Karem churches: St John the Baptist and the visitation church. Back to the hotel in Bethlehem.

DAY 6 Jerusalem - Bethlehem
Today we will take you to the old city of Jerusalem to let you enjoy your time shopping and walking inside the beautiful markets around the area of the Holy Sepulcher church. Afternoon we go back to the hotel. Free time in Bethlehem. Back to the hotel.

DAY 7  Caesarea - Haifa - Nazareth
Today we check out our hotel in Bethlehem and will travel to the north of Israel (Galilee Area).
In our way, we'll stop in Caesarea an ancient Roman city built by King Herod the Great in the year 22 BC. We are going to visit the "Aqueduct" only and then we'll continue to Haifa city which is built on the slopes of Mt Carmel. We are going to visit Stella Maris Church which is built over the cave of Prophet Elijah. In Haifa, we are going to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view from the top of the Bahai Gardens. Continue to Muhraka another site located on Mount Carmel where Elijah fought the Baal worshipers. Drive to Nazareth passing by the Armageddon valley. Check-In Hotel in Nazareth. 

DAY 8 Capernaum - Sea of Galilee
Driving to the Sea of Galilee area to visit the holy sites: Capernaum the town of Jesus, Tabgha where the miracle of the multiplication of the 2 fish and 5 loaves took place. St Peter Primacy Church, Mount Of Beatitudes and to enjoy our time sailing on Jesus boat replica in the Sea Of Galilee, Visiting the baptismal site Yardenit a different site for baptism built in the year 1981. Back to the hotel.

DAY 9 Nazareth - Cana
Nazareth holy sites: The Greek Orthodox Annunciation Church is built over a spring of water where the angel Gabriel was sent by God to announce the good news to Mary about having Jesus Christ in her womb. We will continue walking towards the house of Mary church and also the church of St Joseph where it is believed to be the workshop of Joseph and his house too. Continue to Mount Precipice to see the beautiful panoramic view of the Jezreel Valley. After that, we will go to Cana to visit the Wedding Church where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine. Continue to Mount Tabor to visit the church of transfiguration. .Back to the hotel in Nazareth.

DAY 10
Checkout - Transfer to the Airport.